New Jersey Auto Insurance Quotes

new-jersey-auto-insurance-quotesNew Jersey requires car owners to have insurance coverage.  There are two primary policies in New Jersey, the Basic Policy and the Standard Policy.  When you are looking for your New Jersey auto insurance quotes, knowing the details of each of these policies will help you make your decisions

The Basic policy has a much lower premium than a Standard policy and for that you receive far less benefits.  The low cost option covers $5,000 property damage, $15,000 personal injury and $250,000 for severe injuries.  The Basic package allows only for the Limited Right to Sue.  Bodily injury liability coverage is not included in the basic policy and can be purchased as a rider or addendum.

The standard policy has higher premiums but also more coverage.  This policy includes $15,000 of bodily injury, $30,000 bodily injury for other people, $5,000 property damage, $15,000 of personal injury protection and up to $250,000 for severe injuries.   When getting New Jersey auto insurance quotes, you have to decide what level of right to sue you will pay for with your policy.  The Standard policy allows you to choose the Unlimited Right to Sue or the Limited Right to Sue.

In New Jersey you have the option of using your primary health insurance the sole source for medical insurance after a car accident unless you are on Medicaid or Medicare.  This has to be taken under consideration when getting you New Jersey auto insurance quotes and the cost of premiums compared.

As with all insurance you are able to purchase upgrades or additional riders.  Comprehensive coverage covers any damage to your car that does not involve an accident such as weather or vandalism.  Collision insurance will help pay the damages to your car that result from an accident.   New Jersey does not require collision or comprehensive coverage by law.   If you are financing your car the lender will require these types of coverage to protect the asset.

When get New Jersey auto insurance quotes there are numerous factors to be considered.  There are the basic or standard policies required by state law, the right to sue levels and if financing comprehensive and collision coverage.   Quotes will vary depending on the age and make of your car.  Some vehicles are higher theft vehicles like the Toyota Camry and insurance companies charge larger premiums for those.  Knowing all the details required by the state and your finance company will help you make qualified decisions when getting your New Jersey auto insurance quotes.